Just Chill


Wicked Wicks Candle presents our Just Chill soy candle. Top notes of coconut water, lemon, and orange, the mid notes of chamomile, tea leaves, and white lilies, and the base notes of Tonka Bean, warm woods, and musk.

This candle can be customized to any color, or shape your wicked heart may desire.

At wicked wicks candle we give our best efforts to stay up to date on the latest, hottest, richest fragrances on the market.  Hand-poured soy candles are a science that continues to develop each day with new discoveries.

If Just Chill doesn’t sound wicked to you then please take a look back around our store to find that wicked soy fragrance you’re looking for.

Visit us on our Facebook page to stay up to date and engage with us on customer feedback, so we can provide you with those custom soy candles, and custom soy wax melts that your wicked heart is in desires!


17oz, 8oz

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