Why soy wax over paraffin wax?

What is all the hype about soy wax candles and what is the difference between the candles you’re buying already?  The answer is wickedly complex, but extremely intriguing at the same time.  If you’re anything like me when you walk in to a room there are a few details that everyone immediately picks up.  The lighting, the temperature, decorations, the sound, and of course the smell.  So an essential part of transforming your home into the inviting atmosphere is to wow your guest the moment they enter with a wicked fragrance.


But, why is soy wax any different?  Most, if not all candles you are buying at big retail stores are made from paraffin wax.  While there are many benefits to a soy candle over a paraffin some of my biggest favorites are they are customizable, natural, environmentally friendly, cleaner, longer lasting, and produce a stronger fragrance.


To me, soy wax candles sounds like an obvious choice.  I can choose my favorite scent anytime?  I can pick the container I want my candle to come in?  I can have a conversation starter with my favorite candle?  It last longer and smells better?  Seriously, its wicked.  Its Wicked Wicks Candle.

Is Paraffin Wax Natural?

The answer is absolutely not.  Paraffin is actually a by-product of petroleum.  You know the stuff we use for fuel in our cars?  The more you learn about the candles we’ve been burning at home daily, the more you will start to wonder if you have ever experienced any of the consequences associated with burning paraffin wax candles.

Fossil Fuel Candles

The dangers associated with paraffin wax were a shock to me as I began to research.  If I’m being honest, I wasn’t aware of just how harmful these candles we’ve been buying for years were until I started my custom soy wax candle company.  The majority of candles you buy today from commercial stores are selling paraffin.  When paraffin burns it creates highly toxic benzene and toluene, CARCINOGENS!  Seriously, carcinogens are burning inside of our homes with our loved ones inhaling the toxic fumes.  The toxins released are now public knowledge that they are the same found in diesel fumes and linked to asthma and cancer.


Whats the danger in these paraffin wax candles?

Just the other night, I received a notification on facebook that someone had mentioned my Wicked Wicks Candle Page.  Wicked!  But, after reading the mention my reaction wasn’t so wicked.  One of my beloved followers mentioned that their children and animals had been suffering a bad cough, and her child with asthma was having attacks more often than normal.

After she couldn’t find a solution she finally decided to talk to a doctor.  As the doctor began to ask about any new differences in the home, changes at school, mentions of the recent weather change, one of the questions stuck a nerve.  Are you burning any candles at home?

“Yes, I’ve always been a big fan of candles and I don’t think this could be of any relation”

Doctor – “Please try going a few days without burning the candles, and see if you see any improvements with your animals and your children”

So of course, “I’ll try what the doctors say, so they will stay away” – Wicked Wicks Candle 🙂

To her amazement, the next few days showed significant signs of improvement.  The asthma attacks had almost become non-existent and the animals coughing and hard breathing had shown significant signs of improvement.  But candles are the essential essence of our homes that provides that distinguished clean and pleasant smell when you enter the room.  So her research began, and her research inspired this blog.

Paraffin Wax Aggravated Lungs

Aggravated Lungs

As I mentioned in the story above, aggravated lungs are a potential consequence of burning paraffin inside your home.  Our lungs are vital to our health and our sense of well-being is affected tremendously when they are not operating 100%.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t feel so wicked when I can’t breathe.  Not being able to breathe is not something you can focus away like being hungry, we have to breathe!!!

Lighting a paraffin candle in your home is just a recipe for disaster for irritated lungs.  Ever burn a candle from the store and notice the big black soot at the top of the candle?  That’s the toxic fumes leaving their stain of the nasty toxin on our glass.  And you may not take your glass as seriously as I do, yet, but that is not wicked my dude.

Here is a list of some of the chemicals that are emitted from burning paraffin

  • Toluene
  • Penta-decane
  • Hexadecane
  • Tetra-decane
  • Benzene
  • Napthalene
  • Black soot – EWWWW

I’m not a wicked chemist so I’ll let you do your own research on those chemicals. 

Paraffin Wax Candle Eye Irritation

Eye Irritation

The years are already catching up to me, and the screen time we experience in the current times are absolutely no help to my eyes.  I hope yours are in better working condition than mine are.  Whats your thoughts on Lasic?  I’d love to hear your thoughts at my facebook page!

I can’t say that I have experienced this, but It is something I found while researching that is a harmful effect of paraffin candles.  From what I have read the toxic fumes can cause itching, tearing up 🙁 , and sometimes sorness.  So if you think anything like I do, let’s not cause any harm we don’t need to our eyes.


Itchy Skin Caused From Paraffin Candles

Itchy and Irritated Skin

If keeping clear skin is important to you, we should definitely chat about it on my facebook page.  Clear moisturized skin is the goal to strive for but, with all the different brands on the market, the influencers opinions, the do’s and the don’ts.  It’s so hard to choose what products and what skin care routine you should follow.  It’s a wicked topic I would love to discuss and hear your favorite products.

It isn’t quite clear exactly what effects the fumes of paraffin can have on your skin, but some people have complained that their skin has become itchy after using paraffin candles.  I have read other claims that paraffin can also cause existing dermatological conditions to become worse than they currently are.  Who wants that?  Clear skins the goal, increasing the likely hood of irritating existing conditions doesn’t sound wicked at all, sounds pretty wack.

While there are a few other options besides paraffin, we would like to mention those and tell you a little about us.  Wicked Wicks Candle is a custom soy wax candle company.  We do our best to engage with our customers to keep up with the latest fragrances, and provide the most unique, luxury, and custom soy candles on the market.

Custom Soy Wax melts are also a huge fan favorite of our customers and myself.  While nothing beats lighting up a candle and having that wicked flame, a soy wax melt just hits a little different.  And, you don’t have to burn an entire candle.  Plus ours are custom molded to your choosing.  Whats more wicked than that?

Different classifications of candles

The most common types of wax used for candles are

  • Paraffin – ewwwww
  • Palm – 🙂
  • Soy
  • Bayberry
  • Beeswax
  • Gel

The most common types of wicks used for candles are

  • Wood Wicks
  • Cotton Wicks
  • Metal Wicks

We plan to offer more products in the future once we have researched, and tested some of these products ourselves.  But for now we are only providing custom soy candles with cotton and wooden wicks.

Be on the lookout for future blog posts that go more in depth about our research and testing with some of the other candles on the market!!  Thank you for reading and have a Wicked Day.


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