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At Wicked Wicks Candle, we’re committed to creating more than just a candle. We believe that each of our candles is a journey, a moment of comfort and nostalgia captured in a flickering flame and a warm, inviting scent.

We understand that the quality of our candles is just as important as the fragrances they emit. That’s why we use only the finest, all-natural ingredients in our hand-poured soy-blend candles, ensuring a clean burn that’s free of contaminants and metals. We take pride in crafting products that are as thoughtful and well-balanced as the scents they release.

Whether you’re looking to indulge in one of our signature Wicked Wicks Candle scents or seeking a custom blend that’s tailored to your unique tastes, our team is here to help. We’re dedicated to connecting with you and finding the perfect fragrances to suit your needs. With Wicked Wicks Candle, you can trust that every candle is a work of art, designed to fill your home with warmth and comfort.



Surprise your loved ones with the gift of all-natural, handcrafted soy wax candles and melts from Wicked Wicks Candle. Our custom packages are tailored to suit any occasion, from holidays to birthdays, and feature a variety of delightful fragrances made from natural soy and essential oils. Treat your special someone to a unique sensory experience that’s sure to leave a lasting impression. Shop our selection of customizable gift packages today.

We are trying our best to stay up to date with the latest fragrances for your wicked custom hand-poured soy candles.

The more customer engagement we have the better idea we have about what the customer’s wicked hearts desire.  Reach out to us on Facebook or Contact us here.

Custom Soy Wax Melts


Custom Soy Wax Melts

Wicked Wicks Candle takes great pride in the custom wax melts that we create.  Our wax melts are often praised on their quality of fragrance rich, and beautiful molds.  The fragrance the wax melt emits will produce a welcoming ambience the moment you walk in to any room.  Not only are the custom wax melts fragrance rich but they are also a conversation starter.  You can place these near your favorite wax melter and gaurantee to spark a conversation on where you got these beautiful wax melts from.


Wicked Wicks Candle has selected Day Dreamin’ as the candle of the month.  The fragrance is loaded with top notes of cotton candy, sicilian orange, and fig leaves with mid notes of licorice blossom, lily of the valley, and red fruits on a dry base of vanilla, caramel, woodsy, and musky notes.

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